faqs - Kim Carpenter Portraits
How would you describe your photography style?

Modern, clean and timeless! I keep my images simple and use minimal props during my newborn and child sessions. I love to showcase and focus on the subject. You will not see me use a lot of photo filters or haze (unless it is natural). My images are crisp and true to life. I do love fashion however, so with my teen, senior and women clients I love the use of beautiful makeup, big accessories and of course - rockin shoes!

Why get Senior Portraits, when I already get them for the yearbook?

When I think of yearbook pictures I think of the photographer saying to the senior, "Put this on, stand here on this line, tilt your head here, now here, chin up....ok NEXT." That is FAR from the experience you get when you choose Got Grins? Photography. I want to blow Seniors away! I want them to wear what represents who they are at this very moment in time! I want them to get in front of the camera and feel like a Super Model! I want them to look at the final images and think "Wow! I AM beautiful!"

Can I choose the location?

YES! Please do! I am always up for trying new locations! Suggest away! I am based out of Lakeland FL. Locations beyond reasonable distances might be subject to a travel fee. If you don't have a location in mind - no worries! As we get close to your session date we will come up with a mutually agreed upon location.

How long is a typical session? 

It varies. It often depends on the number of subjects and their ages. My normal session can last between an hour to an hour and a half. Newborn, Senior and large Family Sessions can be longer. I do not have a set time limit to my sessions. Some can be quicker and some can be longer. I will shoot until I feel that I have plenty of awesome images to satisfy my clients.

What type of products do you offer?

My sessions include digital images however, I do offer many other quality products such as beautiful canvas art, extra large mounted prints, custom boutique-style invitations and announcements. I also offer custom collages made to order. Email me for pricing and more information.

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